Litron Lasers appoints NewSpec as distributor

Litron Lasers has appointed NewSpec as their local sole distributor for their nanosecond pulsed Nd:YAG lasers, PIV Nd:YAG lasers, DPSS Nd:YAG, CW Nd:YLF lasers in Australia and New Zealand. With an installed base of over a thousandunits worldwide NewSpec is looking forward to building on Litron’s strong international success by providing these innovative lasers to the local community.

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Litron Laser PIV

HHA appoints NewSpec as distributor

Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science has appointed NewSpec as the distributor for its analytical equipment range in Australia and New Zealand.

Adrian Smith, Deputy Sales and Service Director at HHA, said: "Australia is an important market for Hitachi High-Tech and we are delighted to welcome NewSpec to our partner network. It's our goal to provide our customers with the highest level of sales and service support for our range of XRF, OES and LIBS analysers and we are confident that NewSpec will help us to achieve this in the Oceania region."

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Ultra-High-Resolution Schottky Scanning Electron Microscope

The modern FE-SEM requires not only high performance but also a multitude of functionalities including wide-area observation, in-situ analysis, variable pressure, high-resolution imaging at low accelerating voltages, and simultaneous multi-signal collection.

The SU7000 is designed to address these aspects and more by delivering enhanced information for diversified needs in the field of electron microscopy.

Experience the nano-world with the SU7000!

For further information please do not hesitate to contact us. Please use the links below.

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Ophir Beam Profilers

Exclusive Distributor

We are very pleased to announce NewSpec's new partnership with Ophir. NewSpec has been appointed as the exclusive distributor for Ophir's Beam Profilers. With Ophir's dedication to accuracy, precision, R&D, and support, we look forward to working together.

For further information, or should you have any queries or concerns about your existing Ophir Beam Profilers, please do not hesitate to contact us. Please use the links below.

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Ophir Beam Profiler logo

Talon and Ice Fyre Lasers

Two new Spectra-Physics laser families

Talon UV Laser

Talon is an exciting family of UV and green diode-pumped solid state (DPSS) Q-switched lasers that delivers an unprecedented combination of performance, reliability, and cost. Based on Spectra-Physics’ It’s in the Box™ design, with the laser and controller combined in a single, compact package the Talon is available from 6W up to >45W or >500µJ per pulse of UV making this product family is ideal for a range of processes and applications.

IceFyre Picosecond Laser

The IceFyre delivers exceptional performance with high power and short picosecond pulses as well as unprecedented versatility for process optimization with adjustable repetition rates, TimeShift™ ps programmable pulse flexibility, and pulse-on-demand triggering. Combining power supply and laser head in a single rugged and compact package, IceFyre is easy to integrate into machine tools and systems and has proven reliability and stability. The new laser is ideal for:

picosecond cold micromachining;
high throughput; and
precision manufacturing of sapphire, glass, ceramics, fine metals, plastics, and other materials and devices.

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New FERGIE - Demo Unit Available
Compact, Aberration Free Spectroscopy System

Princeton Instrument’s new FERGIE compact, imaging spectrograph offers low noise aberration free imaging performance over a wide wavelength range with an integrated cooled CCD camera – all within a footprint smaller than an A4 text book ! A wide range of experiments can be quickly assembled using FERGIE’s unique Accessory CUBES, laser sources and fibreoptics. For example, a typical Raman experiment that used to take hours to set up now can be completed in fewer than 90 seconds!

Aberration free, low noise imaging spectrograph
Compact foot print
Easy setup and data collection using unique "Cube" accessory system
Integrated cooled CCD camera
Free Space and Fibre Input Adapters

Please contact Neil to arrange an on-site demonstration.

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Bruker M1 Mistral

Compact Tabletop Micro-XRF Spectrometer
Cost effective operation and accurate results

The M1 MISTRAL is a compact tabletop Micro-XRF spectrometer for the analysis of bulk materials and coatings. Designed for fast and cost-efficient operation it provides accurate information on the elemental composition of materials.

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