Refeyn agreement with NewSpec as distributor

NewSpec is pleased to announce that we have an agreement with Refeyn to provide local sales, service and support for their mass photometry products in Australia and New Zealand. Refeyn was spun out of Oxford University with the goal to make mass photometry available to the scientific community. The opportunity around this unique technology has attracted a passionate team of people who collectively have spent decades in the development and commercialisation of microscopes and other analytical instrumentation.

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Refeyn Housing

Teledyne CETAC appoints NewSpec as distributor for their Laser Ablation portfolio

NewSpec is pleased to announce that we are now the local Australasian distributor for Teledyne CETAC, providing local sale, service and support. Teledyne CETAC laser ablation products are used in industry and research where rapid and accurate determination of elemental trace levels are required. CETAC Technologies and Photon Machines joined forces 2010 with a view to advance laser ablation technology for elemental analysis, and to offer a full range of products globally. This collaboration brought together the experience in Photon Machines' design team with the sample introduction expertise of CETAC. This partnership has taken the next natural step and both companies have merged under the Teledyne Instruments banner.

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CETAC System

Ophir Optronics Solutions agreement with NewSpec

It's a pleasure to announce that NewSpec is now the distributor of Ophir's full line-up of Laser measurement solutions including their Power & Energy Measurement as well as Laser Beam Analysis portfolios.

For further information, or should you have an existing Ophir meter or head that needs recalibration or may require service, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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Ophir Power Meters

Litron Lasers appoints NewSpec as distributor

Litron Lasers has appointed NewSpec as their local sole distributor for their nanosecond pulsed Nd:YAG lasers, PIV Nd:YAG lasers, DPSS Nd:YAG, CW Nd:YLF lasers in Australia and New Zealand. With an installed base of over a thousandunits worldwide NewSpec is looking forward to building on Litron's strong international success by providing these innovative lasers to the local community.

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Litron Laser PIV

HHA appoints NewSpec as distributor

Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science has appointed NewSpec as the distributor for its analytical equipment range in Australia and New Zealand.

Adrian Smith, Deputy Sales and Service Director at HHA, said: "Australia is an important market for Hitachi High-Tech and we are delighted to welcome NewSpec to our partner network. It's our goal to provide our customers with the highest level of sales and service support for our range of XRF, OES and LIBS analysers and we are confident that NewSpec will help us to achieve this in the Oceania region."

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Ultra-High-Resolution Schottky Scanning Electron Microscope

The modern FE-SEM requires not only high performance but also a multitude of functionalities including wide-area observation, in-situ analysis, variable pressure, high-resolution imaging at low accelerating voltages, and simultaneous multi-signal collection.

The SU7000 is designed to address these aspects and more by delivering enhanced information for diversified needs in the field of electron microscopy.

Experience the nano-world with the SU7000!

For further information please do not hesitate to contact us. Please use the links below.

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