Lasers and Light Sources

Spirit 1030

Setting a new standard for high-precision femtosecond machining.

Highest-Precision Machining of the Finest Features with Highest Throughput

The Spirit® 1030-100 and 1030-70 lasers set new standards for femtosecond lasers in high-precision industrial manufacturing and pumping of non-linear OPA’s delivering unprecedented performance for 3-photon microscopy. These lasers deliver high average power, high pulse energy, and high repetition rates for increased throughput. Customers benefit from the shortest industrially available pulse duration and superior beam quality that in turn enables machining complex and challenging parts with highest precision and quality with literally no heat affected zone (HAZ) at the highest throughput. The Spirit 1030-100 and 1030-70 are designed for industrial use and offer reliable and robust 24/7 operation with lowest cost of ownership.

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Versatile game-changing picosecond laser for precision micromachining.

Unprecedented Versatility and Exceptional Performance

IceFyre™ redefines picosecond micromachining lasers with a patent-pending design to achieve exceptional performance and unprecedented versatility at industry-leading cost performance. Based on Spectra-Physics’ It’s in the Box™ design, IceFyre integrates laser and controller into the industry’s smallest package.

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InSight X3

Widely tunable untrafast laser system for multiphoton imaging

Broadest tuning range for deepest in vivo imaging

The InSight® X3 is the third generation of the highly successful broadly-tunable ultrafast laser system from Spectra-Phsyics. The InSight X3 delivers >50% higher power than its industry-leading predecessor, the InSight DS+™. This new laser system outputs ultrashort pulses and high power over a broad 600 nm tuning range for brighter fluorescence excitation and deeper imaging. A second infrared beam provides a simultaneous dual-wavelength ultrafast output, perfect for two-color and advanced imaging methods. InSight X3 is ideal for in vivo, deep tissue imaging in neuroscience, optogenetics, cell biology, and other life science research.

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Spectra-Physics Solstice Ace industrial single box Ultrafast Amplifier

Most technically-advanced, ultrafast regenerative amplifier commercially available

The Spectra-Physics Solstice Ace was the first femtosecond ultrafast amplifier designed, built and tested to meet rigorous industrial standards. Solstice Ace incorporates modular components, adjustment-free mounting hardware, and field proven pump and seed lasers. The result is an industry-leading, hands-free ultrafast light source for a wide range of ultrafast applications.

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Spectra-Physics Spirit® One™ Ultrafast Laser

Industrial femtosecond laser that delivers game-changing cost-performance

With ultrashort <400 fs pulse width, high pulse energy and average power output, and repetition rate up to 1 MHz, the laser is an It's in the Box™ laser that combines power supply and laser head in a single rugged, compact and lightweight package for ease of integration. Spirit One enables advancements in high precision applications including microsurgery, femtosecond micromachining, medical device manufacturing, optogenetics, and multiphoton microscopy.

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Supercontinuum White Light Laser

Compact and cost-effective

The World's Most Affordable Supercontinuum Laser. The new SuperK COMPACT is a cost efficient turn-key supercontinuum white light source with a wide output spectrum that covers the entire 450 to 2400 nm region.

  • High Brightness and long lifetime
  • Visible to IR light from one source (450 to 2400 nm)
  • Input pulse trigger and variable repletion rate
  • Alternative to ASE sources, lamps and SLDs

Contact David Gibson for a demo.

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DirectPump 1500

Turn Key wavelength stabilised system

Direct Diode Laser Systems for Advanced Applications

The DirectPhotonics DirectPump 1500 produces 40 W and is available in with centre wavelengths from 1470 nm to 1550 nm. A true turn key system that is optically wavelength stabilised. The output is via an optical fibre and the system has microprocessor operation, serial, analog and TTL control. Provided with an easy to use GUI the DirectPump 1500 is an ideal solution for advanced pumping (Er+ gain fibres, solid state lasers etc).

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IDL Series

Long-Travel Industrial Linear Stages

Robust, industrial-grade, high throughput and reliability.

The IDL Series is a robust family of industrial-grade linear stages designed specifically for laser micro-machining applications that require high precision (down to 250 nm), high throughput and reliability. Available with travel ranges from 200 mm to 1000 mm.

  • 200 to 1000 mm travel range
  • Speed up to 2 m/s
  • High load capacity: Up to 2000 N in horizontal position

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VersaSol-2 LED

Class AAA Solar Simulators

Solar simulation has entered a new era

Newport's Oriel® brand is proud to introduce the first in a series of innovative solar simulator designs utilising LED light sources. The system is made up of the LSS-7120 Controller and the revolutionary LSH-7520 LED Source Head. The system provides a variable output from 0.1 sun to 1.0 sun over a 2 inch x 2 inch (51 mm x 51 mm) illumination area.

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LED Class ABA Solar Simulator

Solar simulation has entered a new era

The compact and easy to use LSH-7320 incorporates the benefits of LED technology in a value-priced, flexible solar simulator. The completely independent head includes all controls, LEDs and optics allowing researchers flexible mounting and orientation options. External remote on/off triggering and long lamp life make remote mounting practical and bring LED technology to applications requiring only ABA ratings.

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NewFocus Vantage™

ECDL Tunable Laser

New Focus Vantage.... Simply Better Littrow™

The Vantage™ tunable diode laser is the latest addition to the New Focus family of lasers. An external cavity diode laser, the Vantage adopts the popular Littrow design to offer higher power at a variety of wavelengths to meet your experimental needs. The Vantage comes with the new low noise TLB-6800-LN controller with automatic head recognition, internal function generator, feed forward and a digital interface to make your lab life easier. New Focus Vantage.... Simply Better Littrow™.

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Electron Microscopes and Accessories


Versatile and Easy-to-Use Schottky FE-SEM

Large samples, innovative operation, convincing performance

Hitachi has released a new Schottky FESEM at the M&M in Connecticut in August 2014. The SU5000 provides a whole new user experience with the new ‘EM Wizard’ concept. The EM Wizard allows the very best results quickly and easily even at high magnification, independent of the operators skill level.

The SU5000 is an easy to use high throughput FESEM.

For low vacuum work on uncoated samples the SU5000 incorporates Hitachi's special environmental SE detector (called UVD). A new PD-BSE detector allows for true compositional contrast investigation experience and also in-lens or through the lens ‘Top detector’.

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Tabletop electron microscope

Leading tabletop performance

Newly innovated environmental secondary electron detector, unique compositional image, High throughput EDX and seamless operation.

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Spectroscopy, Tables, Optics, Mechanics & Accessories


Push-Button Pulse Characterisation

Practical femtosecond laser control with adaptive pulse compression

MIIPS-HD is the first and only line of pulse shapers on the market that relies on a Hamamatsu’s 2D (800x600 pixels) liquid crystal on silicon-spatial light modulator (LCOS-SLM), and uses diffractive shaping to enable independent phase and amplitude control, without using a polariser. The system features enhanced power (pulse energy) handling capabilities and offers superior throughput for selected spectral ranges by utilising SLMs with dielectric back mirrors. It is ideal for direct amplified pulse compression and shaping.

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SmartTable® Optical Tables

Featuring IQ® Damping Technology

The ST Series SmartTable incorporates Newport‘s patent pending intelligent Q (IQ) damping Technology to actively monitor, report, and adjust table-damping performance over a wide frequency band. This provides a dramatically quieter table surface, resulting in high quality imaging, improved long term stability, faster settling times and the ability to make measurements that previously required the quietest lab environments. SmartTable also allows users to monitor tabletop vibrations through built in vibration sensors that provide real time feedback on the vibration state of the table.

SmartTables are available in 3 versions: the ST Series fully integrated SmartTable, the upgradeable ST-UT Series SmartTable and the upgradeable ST-UT2 Series SmartTable with fine tune damping. Also available are Doubled ST and ST-UT Series Tables along with IQ-200-UG field upgrade kits.

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Power Measurement Kits

Monitor units bundled with detectors

Newport's industry renowned optical power meters and detectors are available as bundles, simplifying product selection and order process. The kits are especially useful for those who are new to optical measurements and who need simple measurement tools.

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AvaSpec-Mini Mk2 with CMOS inside

Solutions in Spectroscopy

It‘s only the size of a deck of cards

The AvaSpec-Mini-CL series can be equipped with a 2048 pixel CMOS detector or the first on the market 4096-pixel array. Enjoy the speed and enhanced native UV/NIR response of CMOS with incredible resolution to 0.1 nm unavailable anywhere else. The low stray light design allows less than 0.2% stray-light and the fast response time boasts data transfer speeds as fast as 4.6 ms/ scan and integrations times ranging from 30µs - 59s.

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Nanosurface Characterisation


3D optical surface profiler

One tool for all surfaces, without compromise™

Nexview 3D optical surface profiler excels at measuring all surfaces from super-smooth to very rough, with sub-nanometer precision, independent of field of view. Measurement types include; flatness, roughness, large steps and segments, thin films, and steep slopes, with feature heights ranging from < 1 nm up to 20 mm. The Nexview profiler automatically measures topography of virtually any surface from a super polished optical surface with sub-Angstrom surface roughness, to steep machined angles up to 85 degrees. It does all this in 3D, without contact, and provides the best qualities of other profiling technologies (stylus, confocal, focus scanning) without their shortcomings. For more information, please contact Neil

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Optical profiler

The ZeGage™ optical profiler is the ideal non-contact tool for quantitative measurements of 3D form and roughness on precision machined surfaces. The industrial design provides fast, accurate metrology in a compact, cost-effective package that can be located directly on the factory floor without the need for vibration isolation or specialized enclosures. And the interactive control software, ZeMaps™, provides easy and detailed visualization to help you control your process. Read more to see how the ZeGage system's power, versatility, and value can benefit you.

For more information, please contact Neil

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