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The AS/NZS IEC 60825.1 and the AS/NZS IEC 60825.14 define a Laser Safety Officer as one who is competent in the evaluation and control of laser hazards and has responsibility for oversight of the control of laser hazards. The Standards identify the need for persons competent in laser safety within an organisation and identify a skillset for a laser safety officer but flexibility relating to different competency levels within an organisation is retained. Dr Cochrane et al presented a paper in 2001 at the International Laser Safety Conference proposing three levels of laser safety training. Our courses are structured around this intent with the 4 day course specifically aimed at level 1 and the 1 day course at level 2. We also offer a half day laser safety awareness course. At this stage the level 3 laser safety course is only available for limited in-house delivery.

  • 1 day course, (Level 2) for people working with Class 3B or Class 4 lasers or people required to implement laser safety programs devised by a laser safety officer who is competent to undertake a quantitative analysis of the laser hazards involved.
  • 5 day course, (Level 1) provides the training necessary to undertake a quantitative analysis of the laser hazards in accordance with Australian laser safety Standards for those appointed as laser safety officers and those who need to use the AS/NZS IEC 60825.1 or AS/NZS IEC 60825.14.? It is also invaluable to OH&S officers and users of laser systems to assess potential hazards and to minimise the possibility of an accident by being able to calculate safe working conditions.
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Online Laser Safety Courses

Operator Laser Safety Awareness Course

Trevor Wheatley from the UNSW has put together an online laser operator safety awareness course that provides a non-mathematical introduction to lasers and laser hazards for those using lasers in the workplace. It provides an introduction to laser safety practice, hazard control and regulation of the use of lasers. This course is aimed at personnel who work with or around hazardous lasers or are required to work in a laser hazard area. The course provides the following learning outcomes;

  • Awareness of the laser classification system and the implication of these classifications
  • Awareness of the hazards posed by lasers
  • Awareness of laser hazard controls and workplace safety
  • Awareness of laser safety hierarchy including laser safety officers and their roles
  • Awareness of legislation and laser safety Standards
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Laser Pointer Safety

Trevor Wheatley from the UNSW has put together an online Laser Pointer Awareness course that provides the following learning outcomes;

  • Know what classes of laser are permitted and appropriatte for use as laser pointers
  • Identify inappropriate laser pointers in the workplace
  • Be aware of the legislation and practice concerning laser pointers within Australia
  • Separate appropriate and inaappropriate use of laser pointers
  • Be aware of risks associated with purchasing a laser pointer
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Laser Safety Consultation

Expert local advice

The expert staff at Opticum provide laser safety training, laser safety consulting and laser safety officer services. Based in Canberra, we provide our laser safety services to clients in industry, academia and Defence all across Australia, New Zealand and beyond.

Opticum provides expert advice and reliables solutions for;

  • Laser workplace or laboratory designs
  • Laser classification and hazard assessments to Australian Standards
  • Laser guarding
  • Laser safety policy development
  • And much more
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